We bring a personal approach to every client we work with

Credit Repair

Our company leverages our clients' consumer rights and our unparalleled experience to engage the credit bureaus and creditors. Repairing your credit increases your buying power, which includes lower interest rates, which in turn means lower monthly payments. 

Credit Optimization

Credit Optimization is a proven strategic step to bring your credit score higher. It will help you meet the right criteria measured by the credit scoring system.  

Build Your Future

Here at CRS their are no gimmicks or hidden fees. We are all about getting results. Our proven methods will guide and assist you in maintaining a healthy credit score while achieving your financial goals.  


Here at CRS, we are dedicated to you and all your credit repair needs. We have over 15 years of experience which helped us refine our credit repair techniques that will deliver optimal results. We take pride in improving your credit scores and life style. One of our achievements we take most pride in is making our client a satisfied, life-long customer.

CRS Mission Statement

Credit Repair Solutions' mission is to provide the utmost optimal care in credit restoration and educating our client during the process. With the ultimate objective in mind that our client carry on a life with excellent credit.  

Credit Repair Solutions is a credit pioneer focused on improving individual credit scores. We have strived for years to educate our clients about credit reporting so they can secure the financing they need now and in the future. Our goals are to make our service cost-effective for everyone and to provide individualized education to our clients throughout the entire process. 

The impact of bad credit can be significant. Over the years we have helped thousands of customers successfully repair their credit. Credit repair takes effort and patience. It is an effort well rewarded. 

We provide comprehensive credit correction services to meet the needs of individuals. Our program adapts to each client's needs by incorporating all aspects of their credit situation to achieve the best possible results.